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Dune Firmware Zone

Firmware releases for Dune HD players:


Dune HD TV 101
Dune HD Lite 53D
Dune HD Duo
Dune HD Max
Dune HD Smart B1
Dune HD Smart D1
Dune HD Smart H1
Dune HD Base 3.0
Dune BD Prime 3.0

Dune HD Base 2.0
Dune HD Base
Dune HD Center
Dune BD Prime
Dune HD Mini
Dune HD Ultra



Vote for Features - vote for new features for Dune HD players to be added in future firmware versions. 


System Storage - what is System Storage and how to use it with Dune HD players.

Torrent Client - how to use built-in torrent client with Dune HD players.

Web Browser - how to use built-in web browser with Dune HD players.

Internet Radio - how to use Internet radio feature with Dune HD players.

IPTV - how to use IPTV feature with Dune HD players.

Remote Control - information about infrared Remote Control used with Dune HD players, IR HEX codes, etc.

IP Control - information about IP Control functionality supported by Dune HD players.

Flash Applications Support - how to create Flash Applications for Dune HD players.

Languages - how to create and use custom translations of the user interface of Dune HD players.

Skins - how to use and create skins of the user interface of Dune HD players.

Hardware Compatibility - notes on hardware compatibility for Dune HD players.

Misc - miscellaneous useful stuff for Dune HD players.


Feedback - what to do if you have comments or questions on Dune HD players, or want to report a problem.



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