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Welcome to Dune HD USA  Home of the world's most advanced media player.


   Dune HD is a global manufacturer of cutting-edge digital media players and hybrid media player products which combine IPTV, VOD and OTT support with excellent DMA (Digital Media Adapter) functionality.  The company employs high-class engineers who design its products on the basis of cutting-edge A/V and digital media technologies. Our Software development teams write dedicated software that supports all Dune HD media players. Because of this the Dune HD brand enjoys a tremendous worldwide reputation in the premium segment of Consumer Electronics.

   The Dune HD sweeping model lineup offers something for everyone, whether you are an IPTV / OTT Operator, AV or Home Theater enthusiast, or Digital Media Hobbyist, our products range from low-cost compact set-top box designs, to high-grade universal media players with internal hard drive bays and DVD/BD drives.Using powerful Sigma Designs chipsets, the Dune HD line of digital media players offer superior quality HD video and audio with support for IPTV, VOD, OTT, network files and interactive services. This unique combination of home media center combined with an IPTV HD set-top box in a single unit allows operators to become a leader in their market by fully supporting all services desired by end-customers.

   Dune HD Products are equipped with wide possibilities for user interface customization and 3rd party applications, such as graphically rich icons and images to organize links to various media resources, as well as custom user interface themes which allow users to develop and install their own skins. Dune HD players display their user interface (both main menu and on-screen-display) in full HD (1080p) resolution, utilizing high-quality anti-aliased fonts and high-quality graphics.


Dune HD Products standout for the following reasons:

-Playback of Blu-ray and DVD disc images from any media source- Our players support playback of Blu-ray disc images (BDMV folders and BD ISO files) from any media source (internal HDD, external USB, eSATA HDD, PC or NAS via SMB/NFS network protocols). This means for most of our line full Blu-ray menu support via BD-J, BD-Live, etc. is possible, a feature not found on other digital media players in the market.

-Support for high resolution music file formats- Dune HD players support all popular high resolution audio file formats and audio playback with up to 7.1 channels at 192kHz/24-bit quality. The players also support popular lossless audio file formats such as FLAC, APE (Monkey’s Audio), WavPack, and Apple Lossless.

-IP Control Interface for easy control via Apps and third party systems- Dune HD players feature a comprehensive IP Control Interface, allowing them to be control over the local network via apps or any third party control system capable of sending IP commands. This allows the simple integration and implementation of advanced remote control applications for various devices such as iOS, Android, etc. along with the integration of Dune HD players into home automation systems such as Control4 or Crestron.  We offer a free Control4 Driver for use with the Dune HD Max, Duo and Smart series.

-Built-in FTP and SMB servers- Using built-in FTP and SMB servers you may access all storage devices attached to a Dune HD player. This allows the user to easily transfer files from a PC or other storage devices attached to the player. The Dune HD implementation is suitable for very large files to be streamed in real time without interruption. Only Dune HD players offer this level of performance.

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